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You can order up to :
€12,000 / US$15,000 / £10,000

online and we will credit your card within 24 hours following receipt of your payment.

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1) Select a currency

Please select the currency you wish to purchase from the drop down box below.

2) Select amount to convert

Either select an amount in sterling pounds to convert or the amount of currency you require and we will provide you with the nearest note denomination available. Terms and conditions Apply.


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Two ways to pay for your currency:

1) visit Jersey Post Office Broad Street and pay for your currency

2) make online payment to the following account:

Account name: Forex Retail
Account number: 91809016
Sort code: 402533
Reference: please quote your surname

When you click the I Confirm button, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

Please click the "I Confirm" to process your order.