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1. Legal entity details
2. Address details
Registered Office address:
Trading correspondence address (if different from above):
3. Main contact details
4a. Funding Volume (incoming)
4b. Payment Volumes (outgoing)
4c. Foreign Exchange requirement
4b.Payment Authorisation
None Required Single Dual Other
Current Directors/Partners and Company Secretary:

Shareholders/Partners with 25% or more ownership:

It is our legal duty and a condition of our regulators that we carry out identity checks on:
*The company/Partnership opening an account with eFx solutions:
*The company/Partners of the company/Partnership:
*Any shareholder/Partner owning more than 25% or more of shares of the business:
Noting some entities are owned by Corporate vehicles, where this is the case and the entity name is quoted above, please enter here the name/s of the individual person/s who are the ultimate beneficial owners :

Terms and Conditions of Business: